COMING SOON: Dragon's Cache

A collection of all-new miniatures, Dragon's Cache features themed warbands and assorted monsters and enemies to spice up your adventures!

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PRE-ORDER NOW: Dragon's Hoard Remastered

Fan-favorites from our Dragon's Hoard series of miniatures remastered with updated modeling, scaling and aesthetics. If you missed out on Vol. 1 & 2 this is the perfect opportunity to jump in!

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Next Level Encounters

Our latest project features five themed Encounter Kits that provide you with everything you need to run a fun and exiting RPG encounter. Each Kit includes foes, NPCs, monsters, traps and more, plus a narrative guide!

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Dragon's Hoard Vol. 2

The second project in our Dragon's Hoard Miniatures fantasy series continued where Vol. 1 left off. Vol. 2 showcases more Underdark and horror themed miniatures, including the fearsome Dracolich!

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Dragon's Hoard Vol. 1

The first project in our Dragon's Hoard Miniatures fantasy series features an exciting assortment of both heroes and villains, plus loads of popular monsters and enemies!

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