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Next Level Miniatures

Next Level Encounters - Outset Tavern

Next Level Encounters - Outset Tavern

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Welcome to the warm confines of the Outset Tavern – a bustling hub on the road to adventure! Meet traveling bards, mysterious drifters and mercurial wizards. Tussle with local ruffians and aid (or provoke) the local law enforcement. The choice is yours, but the outcome always leads to a good time. Grab a drink and stay for a spell!

With a wide assortment of highly-detailed 28mm scale fantasy minis, including enemies, NPCs, objects and traps, along with a narrative guide that provides dungeon masters the tools they need to craft numerous exciting adventures, Next Level Encounter Kits are your one-box solution for a stand-alone skirmish or to be used as part of a larger narrative!

Compatible with the 5th Edition of the world's most popular role-playing game!

24 Miniatures
   1 Barkeep
   1 Dwarf Barmaid
   1 Elf Bard
   1 Gang Heavy
   2 Hobgoblin Ruffian
   2 Human Thug
   1 Mercurial Wizard
   1 Mysterious Drifter
   1 Town Guard Captain
   2 Town Guard Crossbowman
   2 Town Guard Spearman
   1 Werebear
   2 Bartop
   1 Cellar Door
   1 Hearth
   2 Keg
   2 Tavern Table
16 Bases (25mm)
1 Narrative Guide

Miniatures are unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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